Monday, March 3, 2014

4th Quarter Newsletter 2013

What a year this has been so far. I've sold the originals of:
My Final Notice
Painted By The Wind
Ballerina In Repose
Chinese Horse - Zentangle
Peace and Justice (sketch)
Peace and Justice (painting)...

Art PrintsAs well as quite a few prints cards and iPhone far with three months left to this year... ...and I probably would have made more originals and sold more originals if I wouldn't have taken the summer off to be with my kids.

Prints and cards of those originals are still available on my website. See the images in my Paintings Gallery and my Drawings Gallery.

Every year I volunteer my artsy services to paint for my church's day camp. This year, I painted a huge stone wall stage backdrop in eight hours? That was a record time for me. See more murals that I've done here.

Also this year, I got my very first licensing deal with my painting, Rainbow Cowboy, but after a few prints were used, a decision was made to put the deal on hold. It was a bummer for sure, but that's okay. I learned a lot and am ready for the next licensing deal to come along. I never dreamed that my art was licensable. That has opened my eyes to many possibilities. Very exciting. I'm back to creating more original artwork finally and I'm looking forward to what the holiday season will bring.

Photography Prints
This is one of my pieces that I need to finish...maybe. Still working out exactly what I want to do with it. Prints are available in the form it is in because it could be finished. I don't want to lose the feeling it has. So a careful approach to how it is finished is necessary.

My pen and ink Chinese horse series, done in Zentangle style patterns, continues with no foreseen end. They are inspired by the Tang Dynasty horse sculptures you see in museums. The Zentangle part is strangely relaxing to do. A very Zen-like experience and I never know what they are going to look like in the end. It's a go-with-the-soothing-flow-of-line-and see-what-happens type of experience.

Art PrintsSell Art Online

I am currently working on a new Chinese horse (see the sketch here). My biggest one yet. It is off to a great start. This horse will also look great as a monochromatic canvas painting (minus the tangles).

New things are available on my artist website and more to come. iPhone cases being one of those things(to see example click here). iPhone 4/4s, iPhone 5/5s, iPhone 5c, and Galaxy S4. See which of my images are available for iPhone cases here.
There has been talk of puzzles being made available on my website too. What fun. My art on a puzzle.

Personal Ideas Being Implemented:
1. Making a calendar of my horse art and a calendar of my photos paired with encouraging quotes (See the last image on the right panel of images). The goal is to have them ready for 2015.

2. Another is to finally join the Gig Harbor studio tour. My studio is just within the boundaries of that tour.

3. I'm currently building a website that will allow a collector to directly purchase my larger original artworks through PayPal with a push of a button. I hope to have it done before December 2013. Always feel free to E-mail me if you want to purchase one of my original painting or commission me to do a painting for you. Visit My Daily Paintworks website for very affordable, original artwork currently in auction (and bookmark it). I'll be continuously adding new artwork, so check back often.

4. I hope to have a few coffee table books of my art available in the next couple of years. That's been a dream of mine for a few years now. -------------- Art makes a unique gift for a loved one or for yourself.

I've added a few new blogs that tell the behind the scenes adventures I end up going on.
~Mission Impossible - Almost.
~A Lesson In Fashion Turns Into A Funny Tattoo Story.
~Curiosity And Other Artistic Traits.
See these funny stories on my blog -This Redhead Can Paint!.

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