Wednesday, November 5, 2014

My Car Smells Like Pizza

You might be thinking, "So?"
...or saying, "Yum! Sounds good."
It was good.  I had enough of it that I can attest to it being very good.
The problem with my car smelling like pizza is that I shouldn't be buying pizza or eating it when I want to lose weight. 
It did make me think, "Hmm, I don't ever recall fresh produce smelling up the car for hours like pizza or like burgers and fries do."  No, I didn't have burgers and fries too.
You see, I hired a trainer (with my birthday money) to help me be more disciplined and help me get back on track with my eating and workout habits.  My lack of self-discipline has gotten completely out of control and my thoughts were that if I hired a trainer to get me back to taking care of myself, then, in turn, I would be more self-disciplined with my art production. 
That's how it works, right? I take proper care of myself and that discipline spills over into other areas of my life. 
So, I said to myself, "It's time to shed the fur coat."  That is what I so lovingly call my fat layer - my fur coat.  I shouldn't love it and I truly don't, but I've hung onto it for years like I love it. 
There's muscle under there...or so I've thought until my trainer got me doing a Pilates-type workout.
It's on Monday's --- my Pilates-type workout.  Yesterday was my second Monday and today is my second 'day-after-all-over-body-pain' day.  Well, not all over.  Just my back and neck and head.  I've heard that if it takes two days to feel the workout you are in better shape.  I guess I'm a weakling. How can 30 minutes of Pilates make me so dang sore?  Especially considering that I workout a lot already throughout the week.  
Okay, truthfully, I have not been very self-disciplined in the department either for the last few months (years for not taking care of myself and my over-eating habits).  I may have been getting one to three workouts in a week for the last few months.
So, now that I'm being honest with myself, I realize that I've become completely undisciplined and inconsistent with working out and what I eat.  Not caring for my heath and well-being has worn on me and made me more out of shape than I realized. 

Yah, it's a new type of workout for me, even though I have done it before (ages ago), especially feels new when having a person right there making sure that I have perfect form (which makes it even harder to do) and counting endlessly and saying you have one more minute when you think you already did that minute. Or says, "You have 15 seconds."...which feels like much, much longer. 

Shaun T says you can do anything for 30 seconds.  It's true.  You can.  You can also do it saying ow a lot or wishing you weren't doing it. 
Okay, now you're saying, "Shaun T?  Isn't that the Insanity guy?" Yup, I did a lot of 'beat your body' (Beachbody) products like Insanity, P90x and other stuff like 200 mile bike rides three different times and did it all well.
Except for the 80 mile hill ride that I rode, after not training well for it, and being beat to the finish by two seventy-year-olds riding a tandum bicycle (they were inspiring and I was mortified), I got in really good shape. 
Because I lack self-discipline and have not made a change in my brain about food, when those programs or events were over, I fell back into bad habits.
Read this as a warning label:  Don't let yourself go.  Take care of yourself.  It's very hard to get fitness back.  It's very hard to want to get fitness back once it is let go.  And last, but not least, train your brain about what you eat. I haven't lost hope.  I'm not obese and I still like to workout.

I do see how easy it is to slip into being lazy and undisciplined; which doesn't make me feel good in my own skin.
I know that I will have set backs (like allowing my car to be filled with the intoxicating aroma of pizza).
As the saying goes, Don't ever trust a skinny cook...wait, I meant to say...abs are made in the kitchen.
<Holds up a glass of warm lemon water>
Here's to trying to smell the fresh produce in my car and not the Costco boxes they are in.
Here's to eating healthy foods in healthy portions and not cheating myself.
Here's to making it through the holidays without my nemesis, Holiday Jani, taking over my body.
Here's to doing for me while everyone in my life is demanding a pound of flesh.
Here's to my success at learning how to be disciplined.
<Holds my back straight and goes to bed>
(I'm really good at the second one.  Especially the screw ups and set backs...just sayin')

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Monday, October 20, 2014

There Is Something Wrong With Your Hearing

My family has been saying that a lot lately.

When my husband answered my question, "What protein should I give Megan this morning; she has a swim meet today?" He said, "Give her a grenade." 

I think it was the pillow earmuffs that I use in the morning to quiet the getting-ready-for-work noise my husband makes.  Or maybe it was the make-a-cave-with-two-pillows technique I use sometimes (Yes, I can breathe.  That's what the cave opening is for. My husband thinks I need a snorkel).  Not being a morning person, that extra half-hour of shut-eye is priceless. 
After I emerged from my cozy, earmuff pillow cave, I did realize that I heard incorrectly and gathered that he had actually said, "Make her an egg."

My kids have been commenting about how poor my hearing is too, but they tend to converse with me while being several rooms away and mutter their words or while they have a mouthful of food or while my mind is on something else.  So, I think it's understandable that I'm not hearing them correctly.

It does, however, remind me of the time that I thought George Michaels words in one of his songs were, "Would you like me to introduce you?" When what is actually said is, "Would you like me to seduce you?" One can chalk that up as a common mistake.  Lots of people mess up words to songs.

My son just thinks I'm old.  Especially when I mention people like George Michaels, "Who?"

I can hear the kids just fine when they're fighting or drinking out of the milk carton or rifling through the pantry too close to dinnertime even when my mind is on something else.  I can even tell you who it is that's doing those things just by the way it sounds.

My hearing is positively bionic when it comes to some things. 
Really, my hearing is fine and always has been...except for that George Michaels song. 

I'm just trying my hardest to be good at everything I do every day as a wife, mom, and artist.

It's more likely that my hearing has gotten selective after raising kids for all these years.

Now, if they accused me of being forgetful or absent-minded.  They would be correct.

I can find my car in a parking lot and am really good at directions and know which way is North,
South, West, or East, but sometimes forget why I enter a room.

(Where can I get one of these?)

That GPS thing for busy moms would come in handy.  So would a cloning device.

My excuse for any memory loss, besides needing to eat more blueberries, is that I have way too much on my mind. 

After all, besides the wife and mother job, I'm trying to make an art business successful.

The latest doozie of memory loss was during my studio tour.  There were so many people at one point that I lost track of who I had already introduced myself to and re-introduced myself to the same lady three times.  The third time around she was laughing and said, "Well, hello, again.  Nice to meet you too." 

My response was, "Well, I'm triple blessed to meet you...again."

I'm not very good with names, but I am usually really good with faces (except for that lady I met three times.); however, if you come into my studio wearing transitional lenses, I probably won't recognize you when they turn from shades to glasses (Don't turn your back. Those things work really fast).  And if I introduce myself twice or three times to you, that could be why.

I guess this is as good of time as any to formally apologize, "To the lovely lady with the transitional lenses,  I sincerely apologize for thinking you were two different people.  I swear I'm not insane just a little distracted sometimes." ...
Speaking of ... I know there's something I'm suppose to be doing right now...

...Oh, shoot!  I forgot.  I'm suppose to pick up my daughter early today...

...time to switch back to my "raising kids" head.

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Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Don't Ever Do This!

My brain seems to never stop problem solving. My head is constantly full of ideas.  Many of them are successful.  Some are really great.  Some not so much.

My studio tour, the first one I'd ever done, was coming up and I had a last minute idea. It was a brilliant idea (or so I thought). My idea was to pass out 100 flyers to 100 of my closest neighbors.

Why hadn't anyone else on the tour thought of this?

My neighborhood is pretty spread out and is a fairly rural area. All the properties are separated by a green belt. Because of this I barely even know my closest neighbors. I felt it was a perfect opportunity, a perfect excuse, to market myself. After all, the whole goal of me doing the tour this year was to share with my community what I do and, hopefully, to gain more followers. So, I made up a simple flyer.

The first line said in large letters, "Did You Know That Your Neighbor Is An Artist?" Followed by, "Come visit her studio and see her latest works of art." The rest of the info briefly stated the date of the tour, and my address, and my website address.

After printing 100 copies, folding the flyer so the eye-catching lines were above the fold, I stapled a business card to the flyer.

A great and cheap marketing idea, right? Now, how does one go about distributing this information?

Here comes the part that you should never do. My "Lucille Ball" moment.

(see any resemblance?)

It was about 3:00 pm and I was very selective about which neighbors mailboxes would receive my flyers.

The ones I liked the best were those that were in tight rows.

It made the distribution more efficient.

Houses that looked disheveled or mysterious or had lots of worn out cars parked outside didn't receive a flyer. Surely, they would have no interest in art or me for that matter.

This type of marketing turned out to not be the most brilliant of my ideas.

Turns out that it is a federal offense to open someone's mailbox even if you aren't removing their mail and giving them exciting-happy-neighborhood-event type of mail. 

It makes sense. 

I get

(Far Side cartoon by Gary Larson)
Thankfully, I only got one irate phone call. Her timing was perfect. She called me a 1/2 hour before the tour was about to start and left this message, "Don't ever put a flyer in my mailbox again! That's a federal offense!"

Hearing that made me feel like I'd been punched in the stomach. Already nervous about the success of the tour, I now was very worried that I would get reported and fined a billion dollars...

or put in jail. That would not be cool.  Even if I do look good in orange.

"Lucy!  You've got some 'splainin' to do!"

In the words of what Lucille Ball might say, "WAAA! All I wanted to do was be neighborly, invite them to visit and to meet them in a very positive environment. WAAA!"

So far, no phone calls or subpoena (or whatever they give you) from the post master, no retaliation of any sort and no police officer at my door.


Btw, one of the receivers of my mailbox flyer is a police officer. Yeesh! 

He did not come to my studio.  Only a few of my neighbors came.  The tour was still a success.  People came from all over and I had 130 visitors and had a few sales.  Not bad for my first tour.

Next time, though, I'll inform my neighbors in a legal way.

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Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Art Is Like Morality

I read this quote today and it inspired me to write a new blog post:
"Art, like morality, consists of drawing the line somewhere.” ~ G. K. Chesterton

Yes, you can take a piece of artwork too far.
This is something I always think about from the beginning of a painting to it's end.  Probably because I tend to push the line.

I was asked once how I painted, Peach Fuzz.

Photography Prints I told the person, in my usual animated way, "I painted it in watercolor until I ruined it and painted it in pastel until I fixed it."
Well, it wasn't as easy as my answer implies.  I had every intention of making it a beautifully transparent watercolor created solely with watercolor paint, but I pushed the line a little too far and the colors went flat.  No recovery possible; at least not with  watercolor paints.
I'm one who likes to experiment and the art doesn't always come out well, but without experimenting I would not have discovered how great watercolor and pastel work together. Most times, with the right amount of skills, a mistake is fixable somehow, someway. Even still there is a line. A line that if crossed will send the artwork to its grave.
 I don't throw away many pieces. The ones that can be saved someday, when I've gained more know how, go into what I call "my sin pile". Those that don't make it to the sin pile go into purgatory, for a short time, to be determined if they can be painted over or saved. I don't like throwing away artwork.
Okay, I admit, it's partly because I think about what the painting materials cost me.  This painting was savable. Not only that, but Peach Fuzz ended up winning first place (because of the technique, reflections and composition) in a Peninsula Art league (PAL) show. 

Sell Art Online
Here's another one that started out as an urban painting from a bird's eye view. You can still see the four way stop and the cross walks. I painted this horse, Painted By The Wind, over top of it and not only won a magazine cover award and a cash prize, but it also is in a book that is coming out in July,
Splash 15, Creative Solutions (pg. 59 not shown on link).

I've also sold the original and several prints of this image. It was the first horse I had ever painted.
It was also the most fun painting I've ever painted. I had nothing to lose because it was already destined for purgatory.
This painting set off a whole series of horse paintings. The second and third of the series; which were also painted over a ruined urban background, are shown below. I tried that darned urban background three times. Finally, the fourth one came out, but it isn't finished yet (see last picture).

See if you can find the urban scene under painting in Painted By The Wind.

Sell Art Online
You can see the urban four-way stop and the crosswalks from a bird-eye-view in
 Photography Prints

Andalusian Stallion is the third of the series.

Here are the photographs that I took from the Seattle Conference Center.  The first image is the reference photo I used for the first three attempts.
The second image is the one I used for the last image; which is my painted version.  

This is the urban landscape (work in progress) that I was trying to paint and was finally able to get it the way I wanted it.  My problem in the other attempts was not getting the four-way stop square.
For my fourth attempt, I decided to stick to two street corners from a bird's-eye-view instead of four.  All I have to do now is paint in the people and cars.
In conclusion:  Yes, there is a line that should not be crossed for each and every piece of artwork, but there is a lot of forgiveness while in progress.  Besides, it's only paper.  No doom and gloom if you don't push the line beyond it's limits.

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Monday, March 3, 2014

4th Quarter Newsletter 2013

What a year this has been so far. I've sold the originals of:
My Final Notice
Painted By The Wind
Ballerina In Repose
Chinese Horse - Zentangle
Peace and Justice (sketch)
Peace and Justice (painting)...

Art PrintsAs well as quite a few prints cards and iPhone far with three months left to this year... ...and I probably would have made more originals and sold more originals if I wouldn't have taken the summer off to be with my kids.

Prints and cards of those originals are still available on my website. See the images in my Paintings Gallery and my Drawings Gallery.

Every year I volunteer my artsy services to paint for my church's day camp. This year, I painted a huge stone wall stage backdrop in eight hours? That was a record time for me. See more murals that I've done here.

Also this year, I got my very first licensing deal with my painting, Rainbow Cowboy, but after a few prints were used, a decision was made to put the deal on hold. It was a bummer for sure, but that's okay. I learned a lot and am ready for the next licensing deal to come along. I never dreamed that my art was licensable. That has opened my eyes to many possibilities. Very exciting. I'm back to creating more original artwork finally and I'm looking forward to what the holiday season will bring.

Photography Prints
This is one of my pieces that I need to finish...maybe. Still working out exactly what I want to do with it. Prints are available in the form it is in because it could be finished. I don't want to lose the feeling it has. So a careful approach to how it is finished is necessary.

My pen and ink Chinese horse series, done in Zentangle style patterns, continues with no foreseen end. They are inspired by the Tang Dynasty horse sculptures you see in museums. The Zentangle part is strangely relaxing to do. A very Zen-like experience and I never know what they are going to look like in the end. It's a go-with-the-soothing-flow-of-line-and see-what-happens type of experience.

Art PrintsSell Art Online

I am currently working on a new Chinese horse (see the sketch here). My biggest one yet. It is off to a great start. This horse will also look great as a monochromatic canvas painting (minus the tangles).

New things are available on my artist website and more to come. iPhone cases being one of those things(to see example click here). iPhone 4/4s, iPhone 5/5s, iPhone 5c, and Galaxy S4. See which of my images are available for iPhone cases here.
There has been talk of puzzles being made available on my website too. What fun. My art on a puzzle.

Personal Ideas Being Implemented:
1. Making a calendar of my horse art and a calendar of my photos paired with encouraging quotes (See the last image on the right panel of images). The goal is to have them ready for 2015.

2. Another is to finally join the Gig Harbor studio tour. My studio is just within the boundaries of that tour.

3. I'm currently building a website that will allow a collector to directly purchase my larger original artworks through PayPal with a push of a button. I hope to have it done before December 2013. Always feel free to E-mail me if you want to purchase one of my original painting or commission me to do a painting for you. Visit My Daily Paintworks website for very affordable, original artwork currently in auction (and bookmark it). I'll be continuously adding new artwork, so check back often.

4. I hope to have a few coffee table books of my art available in the next couple of years. That's been a dream of mine for a few years now. -------------- Art makes a unique gift for a loved one or for yourself.

I've added a few new blogs that tell the behind the scenes adventures I end up going on.
~Mission Impossible - Almost.
~A Lesson In Fashion Turns Into A Funny Tattoo Story.
~Curiosity And Other Artistic Traits.
See these funny stories on my blog -This Redhead Can Paint!.

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Click on any of the images in this letter for a larger view.
Feel free to forward this to your friends, family and colleges.

Monday, February 3, 2014

Watercolor Pencils Or Pastels Added: A Painting Or Drawing?

Watercolor is painting, but what if I use watercolor pencils over a watercolor painting?
Watercolor pencils were intended to be used by applying them over water, but they can be used just like colored pencils - dry over dry.  Simply use them after the underpainting dries. Perhaps this is were the confusion comes from - when artists do more than paint and decide to add watercolor pencil work or even pastels over the top.
When using watercolor pencils like colored pencils, I call it drawing. When using them in water to add to a painting, I call it painting.

Sell Art Online

Art PrintsI used watercolor pencils while the painting was still wet in this one. If you do it that way, the pencil lays down smooth as butter and feels like your using a small, very controllable paintbrush.

There is also a touch of India ink in this onion study, but the black primarily came from a black-colored watercolor pencil.

I consider this a painting.

This is one of my watercolor paintings that have India Ink added at the end.

I consider it still a watercolor painting as the majority of the work was done with paint.

The bleeding of the ink comes from applying it before the paper dried completely; which was intentional.

Sell Art OnlinePhotography Prints

These have a lot of pastel over the top, but still is made up more of watercolor paint than pastel.  The underpainting is done entirely out of watercolor.  Besides, I consider most pastels I do paintings. Some would say that one is up for interpretation.

Someone asked me once, about the Peach Fuzz painting, "How did you do that?"  My answer:  I painted it in watercolor until I ruined it; than, I painted it in pastel until I fixed it.

Sell Art Online

This Poppy painting has a lot more pastel over the top of the watercolor underpainting. I would still call this a painting, but it leans more towards mixed media than the watercolor painting category.  The flowers and the background were painted in watercolor first.

The rule of thumb would be: if the majority of the painting is painted in a particular media then it is that kind of painting and if the majority of the art is drawn than it would go in the drawing category.  Otherwise it is mixed media.

For the watercolor category, if there are watercolor pencils or sticks applied over water in up to 50% or even more of the final work, I would still consider the art a watercolor painting.  Placing it in that category if it were entering into an art show, but specify in the description.

If I were to enter any of these works into a show, my decision for what category they belonged in would be between mixed media and watercolor not the painting and the drawing category.  For the purposes of google search, I tag them as drawings and paintings.  Just as I tag my work as paintings and pictures.  Many people will use either term and it is perfectly okay to use both in that case, but entries in an art show are more specific.  They want you to categorize the artwork as mixed media, drawing, watercolor or water media, and oils.  So, go with the rule of thumb I mentioned above.

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Friday, January 10, 2014

Demo Is A Four Letter Word

It disguises itself by hiding in other words: Demolition, demon, demonstrative, demote, demobilization, democracy, democrat, demographic...there are about 140 different words that come to mind that start with those four letters. Not many of them are very positive or exciting. Most are negative.  Some are scary.  Why do we artist do demos when they make us so nervous? Well, at least it's nerve racking to me.

My first public demo was coming up quickly. It was to be on the second Saturday of December at Poulsbo's Bluewater Artworks Gallery and Framing on there regularly scheduled art walk. There was going to be another artist there, a band and refreshments too. It all sounded like it was going to be eventful and fun.

Making up my mind on what to demonstrate wasn't happening and now it was the day of the demo...Oils take too long to dry. I need a blow dryer and an extension cord if I do watercolors.  Am I going to need a table or will they have one for me? I could demo pastels, but I really need to somehow do something that shows change quickly. Do I need to do something that shows my versatility?...These were just a few of the thoughts that ran through my mind. I was a bundle of nerves and wished I hadn't signed up for it, but kept giving myself pep talks anyway. What if it flops and I make a fool of myself? No, no, no, just stay positive. It'll be fine.  Just relax and have fun.

My little pep talks didn't help much. I decided to bring everything.

My tool kit is an artist tackle box that used to be my EMT box when I worked for an ambulance company many moons ago.  Now it has been re-purposed for storing my portable art stuff and it's kind of cumbersome to carry.  Especially when I'm trying to carry other things at the same time.  After getting that all organized with paints, pastels, and brushes; I filled my portfolio with different types of paper and different sized boards. Collected my easel, butcher tray and my blow dryer; than, noted to myself that I needed to remember my watercolor brushes and paints because they didn't fit inside my tackle box.
After being satisfied that I had everything I could ever need it was time to load the car. While loading the car, I wished I could just make up my mind.  Choose a media and pack just that; keep it simple, but my nerves wouldn't let me be decisive.

I arrived with plenty of time to spare for setting up my station.  The car was running low on gas, but there was no time to fill it before the demo.  First thing I did after arriving was deposit my purse in a drawer in the back of the store. No way did I want to lose that. As I was setting up, I notice that they had a table ready for me. It was smaller than I wanted it to be, but that was okay.

My easel is a fold up, compact kind and it hadn't been used in a while so it took some figuring out to get it to stand properly. That was about the time that the band started playing. They sounded great, but were really loud and my station was only a few feet from them,  "How on earth am I going to do a demo and speak to people with the music being so loud?"  That was about the time that my sign came to me. It had my name and the word, watercolor underneath.  Finally, a decisive moment, "Cool, I'll do watercolor...wait, where's my paints and brushes?" A visual of my brushes and bucket of paint came to me, "Ugh!"  It was still sitting on the counter in my house. Great!

Shifting gears wasn't too hard, but all that time setting up my easel was wasted as I didn't need it now.  It will have to be a demo with pastels because oils are definitely out of the question.

The time arrived to start the demo and the music began. Maybe I won't have to say anything. I was demoing drawing by erasing with pastels and a kneaded eraser. A fascinating process.
Several puzzled people who had read the sign asked me if I was doing watercolor. As charmingly as I could muster, I raised my voice so it could be heard over the music, "No, I forgot my paints, so it will be pastels today."

It's a good thing I interact well with people. 

Things were going pretty well. I even felt myself relax a bit until, I pulled up a photo to work from on my Acer tablet. 
A man approached and said, "I have a question. Can you do this without using a photo?" I was astonished that someone would ask me that and in such a I'm-going-to-stump-this-artist kind of way. I'm pretty sure a wrinkle between my eyebrows appeared as I said, "Yes, but why should I?"

Okay, yes, I admit, that wasn't very professional of me.
I did take the time to explain that I needed a reference in this case to start with, but once I got going I would ditch the photo.  He seemed satisfied with my explanation.  In the meantime, a few people left. Dang it! Was it because I was using a photo? Was it because of what the guy said? Was it because of my answer to him?  Was it because I contradicted my sign and did pastels instead of watercolors? Maybe they just left because they had to leave.

That man did stump me after all and made me feel all nervous again. Doesn't he realize that this is my first public demo ever?

I did think of a lot of things I could have said after the fact like: That is why Picasso's work is so abstract. He didn't use photos.

I wish I would have said something witty on the spot or showed him the drawings I had on display that were done without a photo reference instead of what I actually said. The best answer I could have given was what my husband said, "You should have just told him: 'Yes, but there is a lot of distractions right now with the music and people'."

I should have brought my husband.

From that point on it went pretty well. I met a few great people, passed out cards, talked about my work over the sound of music...bending towards each other at times to be able to hear each other speak...and had a few people add themselves to my e-mail list. All in all it was a pretty great experience and people seemed to love my work. Now, it was over and I needed to pack up all my stuff and take it all back to my car. I think it took me an hour to do so. Definitely only bringing one thing next time.

Everything was finally packed into the car. Other than being tired, I felt great. 

Relieved that I made it through the night no worse for the wear, I got in my car and drove onto the freeway, "That wasn't so bad.  It was actually kind of fun."  Then, I remembered that I needed to get gas. Then, I remembered that I left my purse in the drawer in the back of the store. Then, I remembered that my phone was in my purse.  I started to panic, "What if everyone is gone? What am I going to do?"

The freeway exits were miles apart and I had just passed one. At the next exit, I turned around praying that someone would be at the gallery and that I would make it to a gas station.

Thankfully, someone was still there and I was able to get my purse. Now all there was to do was get my gas tank filled...and get a burger.  I don't normally eat fast food, but if there was ever a time to eat a nice fattening, juicy burger this was it.  I'll have to say, it was one of the best burgers I've ever had.

That whole experience was absolutely exhausting, but I learned a lot about what not to do. Now, if I ever do another demo, it will be done differently and demo will not be a negative, four letter word anymore. It will be a well-planned demonstration. A demonstration to watch and remember in a positive way...I hope.

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